Unbalanced Bite


Bite unbalanced?

'Temporo Mandibular Disorder' (TMD)...a mouthful

Throughout your day you run into all kinds of people that mention all kinds of ailments. Strained knee, sore shoulder, migraine, headache, twisted ankle, aching arm . . . but you probably don’t often meet someone  who says “yeah, I’ve got a really bad bite!”

A bad bite can result in soreness, improper mouth function and deformation of your face. It is also a leading cause of TMJ. Your upper and lower teeth don’t close and come together in the correct way – the way nature intended. The obvious signs include an under-bite or an over-bite. But someone with a beautiful smile can still experience irritation if their muscles and joints aren’t comfortable.

So, how did I get a 'bad bite'?

Your unaligned jaw and poorly fitted teeth could be the result of a one cause, or a combination of factors, leading up the problems you are experiencing.
1. Allergies during childhood
2. Thumb sucking and/or other oral habits
3. Old dentistry that needs to be replaced or is or worn out
4. The shifting of teeth caused by tooth loss

Your jaw and teeth could misaligned as a result of an accident or trauma issue. If you have experienced tooth loss, the shifting of your teeth can result in a bad bite, leading to TMJ.

A misaligned jaw leads to ....

When your teeth are misaligned, they cannot provide enough muscle support to your face which is needed for chewing and swallowing.Without this support, these muscles are then forced into a strained position which translates to discomfort throughout the face, head, arms, shoulders and back.

The overworked muscles from an unbalanced bite can lead to pain that will appear in the form of migraines, headaches, earaches, muscles tenderness, a sore jaw, facial discomfort, and many other symptoms. 

An imbalanced bite stresses and strains the jaw, creates issues in the joints, muscles, nerves and all its related functions.  It can impact how your mouth functions and can prevent you from fully opening your it, limiting your eating, swallowing, chewing and talking ability.

A bad bite also creates serious wear and tear on your teeth and can radically impact the appearance of your face. Your lips may change shape. Wrinkles appear and creases form and deepen on the sides of your nose and mouth. Your lower lip starts to roll out and jowls start to appear.

A bad bite can leads to health, comfort and aging issues. Get yours treated today!

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