TMJ Treatment

The success rate for TMJ treatment

Living with chronic pain is a terrible way to go through life and no one knows this better than TMJ sufferers. While a lot of people will experience some form of a TMJ disorder in their lifetime, a mile case can generally heal on its own. Having said that, there is a large percentage of TMJ sufferers whose symptoms are persistent and chronic. If you land in this category, seeking medical attention is the only option. When it comes to TMJ treatment methods, however, the options are many.

People suffering from TMJ-related symptoms are often initially misdiagnosed as TMJ symptoms can be mistaken as other ailments. Inflammatory drugs will generally be prescribed if your symptoms are severe headaches or migraines. Even though this might give you temporary relief, the real cause of your headaches won’t be treated. The result will be a constant need for medication and further frustration. If your pain and discomfort show up in your neck or back, you can often be misdiagnosed as well. Muscle relaxants may be prescribed, with the same concerns as the headache treatment. If you have persistent and unexplained chronic pain, make an appointment to see a TMJ expert specializing in individual treatment. If your general practitioner, whether your family doctor or dentist, recognizes that TMJ may be the cause of your symptoms, several at-home treatments might be offered such as hot or cold compresses for your face, prescribed exercise to relieve stress, or even facial massage therapy. While these TMJ treatments can bring some relief when you suffer from minor issues, they won’t be effective if you suffer from moderate to acute problems. Again, this is a case where treatment may provide temporary relief but your TMJ Disorder will return.

A misaligned bite…

A misaligned bite is often the cause of severe TMJ-related problems. This mean your jaw simply does not align properly which can be because of genetics, an accident, trauma or simply crooked teeth. When this is the case, a general dentist will typically prescribe a mouth guard or splint to prevent you from grinding your teeth, while keeping your jaw in a more relaxed position. While you might find this brings some temporary relief, more often than not, it doesn’t eliminate the problem. A mouth guard or splint can lose effectiveness over time and for some, the pain increases when wearing one. TMJ expert consider porcelain veneers to be the best method of TMJ treatment for correcting your bite.

With porcelain veneers your bite can be fixed in just a few days. Braces would take year. Veneers provide effective bite management while also improving the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Eddie Siman is a Beverly Hills TMJ Dentist that specializes in this method. Through his advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Eddie Siman is able to correctly diagnose your TMJ symptoms and prescribe the proper treatment to offer you relief from the pain and other symptoms. Over 90% of his patients are symptom-free after TMJ treatment. 

Stop living with TMJ pain and get the right TMJ treatment to bring you relief. Consulting with TMJ expert Dr. Eddie Siman is your first step to a new tomorrow.