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What is TMJ costing you now?

You’re paying a big price by living with these options.

Let's do a comparison - TMJ treatment with...

image-car-problemsSun is shining as you re-check your list. Everything is packed, cooler is filled, the tank is full and you are ready to hit the road for a long awaited trip. You look at the map one last time, confirming the most scenic route. Your family has been anticipating this adventure and it’s about to start. You buckle up, slide in the key, turn the ignition and . . .

Nothing! It’s dead. Your car won’t start and you are stranded in your driveway before you even have a chance to get out of town.

You knew this day would come. The day your car would kick the bucket. Conk out and leave you helpless and frustrated.

But hey, you need… a car. So you shopping around, compare features, options, prices, add-ons. You talk to friends, get their opinion and research various options. You do your homework and when you are ready, you buy a new car.

Now, apply the same analogy to your mouth

Shouldn’t the same thought and consideration be given to your health? Isn’t your overall health more important than … a car? After all, your car will only last you a few years. Your health needs to last for a lifetime.

Just like your car, the warning signs are evident… in your mouth:
– It isn’t functioning properly.
– You experience pain and discomfort.
– Some body parts ache all the time.

You know something is wrong and just like anything, the longer you leave it untreated, the worse the problem becomes. Eventually, your entire mouth doesn’t work properly. You think you have problems now – just wait – they will worsen.

TMJ Cost

Cost for TMJ treatment? Much depends on how bad the problem has become – what you need. There are several options that tailor treatment to your needs. However most patients can expect to pay within a certain range – it depends on the type of treatment is chosen.

Cost for chiropractic care, orthodontic treatments or restorative care also can vary with each patient’s issues and needs.

But in return, your pain can be RELIEVED and possibly eliminated, and you can have a better qualify of life. Pretty good deal?

Keep your oral health at its optimum by prevention and maintenance with Dr. Eddie Siman.

If you have an account with one of the dental financing providers listed below, you are already qualified. You do not need to do anything further to qualify for a payment plan for care in our office.

Being healthy is priceless - and we know good oral health is part of that.

Dr. Eddie Siman will determine the best treatment plan and help to find an affordable payment plan for you. If you would like to make monthly payments for your care in our office, we can work with you to set up low-interest and zero-interest monthly payment financing plans.

If you have an account with one of the dental financing providers listed below, you are already qualified and you do not need to do anything further to qualify for a payment plan for care at our office.

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