TMJ Splint Therapy vs. Orthotic Devices

TMJ Splint Therapy vs. Orthotic Devices

TMJ splint therapy was the most commonly used approach for the treatment of TMJ. However, studies have shown that the effectiveness of the splint therapy is unclear.

TMJ Splint Therapy vs. Orthotic Devices

TMJ related problems

TMJ disorder, (affecting your temporomandibular joint), can affect sufferers in different ways. The irritation and pain of TMJ-related problems is a persistent and often chronic aggravation. The tmj pain, over time, can become nearly unbearable, requiring prescription medication just for simple relief to resume daily activities. When your TMJ is affected, it has repercussions on any activity that requires the jaw. This means that normal day-to-day activities (such as talking, eating, yawning) can become constantly painful and uncomfortable. Historically, people with TMJ pain and TMJ problems often resigned themselves to a lifetime of suffering in silence, rather than seeking out a propper TMJ treatment and undergoing costly and potentially risky surgical procedures to fix their bite.

TMJ Treatment Options

With advances in neuromuscular dentistry and the technology to back it up, you have >TMJ treatment options.

In his Los Angeles office, Dr. Siman's approach to treat TMJ disorder is very different from the traditional TMJ splint therapy and nightguards prescribed by general dentists.

TMJ symptoms that can be caused by overworked muscles can in turn cause TMJ headaches or migraines related to TMJ, ear ringing also known as tinnitus, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other symptoms. Once the muscles are in a more relaxed position, the symptoms are relieved. Basically, traditional TMJ splints can have similar affect as placing a pencil between your teeth. The difference between other appliances for treating TMJ symptoms and Dr. Siman's custom Orthotic device is that the Orthotic is placing your muscles in a relaxed position. It is important to note, that these Orthotic appliances are NOT night guards or TMJ splints and are fabricated using complex neuromuscular techniques and modern equipment. Learn more.