TMJ Symptoms: Ear Pain

Ear Pain and TMJ connection| TMJ specialist Los Angeles explains
Ear Pain can one of the most misdiagnosed causes of TMJ.

5 Common TMJ and ear pain symptoms

1. TMJ ear pain is often worse at night and in the morning.
2. TMJ ear pain may feel dull, throbbing or sharp.
3. A sensation of fullness in the ears may occur.
4. TMJ ear pain could also feel like a temporary decrease in hearing.
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Can TMJ Cause Ear Pain?

Temporomandibular joint disorder is commonly referred to as TMJ or TMD.

The jaw joint is located near your ears where your jaw connects with your skull where there are intricate network of bones, nerves, and joints in the face. When the bite is misaligned, muscles and nerves throughout your head, including your ears, could be affected and could cause what many call TMJ ear pain.

Unexplained Ear Pain

Ear infections is a well-known cause of ear pain. What if you don’t have the ear infection, and unexplained ear pain occurs. Some may experience this as early as childhood. One of the many symptoms of TMJ /TMD could arise in ear pain as well as , , .

TMJ and Ear Pain: Severity

TMJ aar pain can vary in severity
TMJ ear pain can be debilitating and interfaer with dayly life activities.

TMJ and ear pain are common symptoms of TMJ because the jaw joint is located extremely close to the middle ear and the ear canal. Levels of pain in TMJ patients vary. TMJ ear pain varies in complexity and severity which can interfere with daily life. If the ear canal is healthy and not infected, but there is still ear pain, you are not alone. If your ENT, Chiropractor, or other medical professionals have been unsuccessful in treating ear pain, ear congestion, or ear popping? It may be time to think outside box and explore the possibility of TMJ ear pain.The first step to successful treatment for your ear pain is a proper diagnosis.

How Long Does TMJ Ear Pain Last

How long TMJ ear pain lasts differs from person to person. Jaw injury is one instance when ear pain can occur and may last for several weeks. In other cases, pain can last for years, especially if the patient hasn’t been properly diagnosed. If you suffer from any of the symptoms commonly associated with TMJ, it is important to get a proper diagnosis so treatment can help relieve pain. With proper diagnosis comes proper treatment.

"Terrible" TMJ symptoms cured.

TMJ ear pain treatment

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