TMJ Consultation & Diagnosis


We begin by gathering scientific data


Careful Observations of the signs and symptoms of your TMJ Disorder and symptoms and how it affects your posture and whether there is any muscle tenderness, jaw joint function and tooth and gum tissue damage.



Special CT scans of your  jaw joints will be taken. We use  digital, low radiation iCAT Scan Technology.


A private consultation with Dr. Siman

After meeting with Dr. Eddie Siman for a  TMJ CONSULTATION, he will go over the cause of your TMJ problem(s) and your symptoms and will custom tailor a treatment to alleviate your symptoms. The first step is determining the most optimal jaw position. This is where the muscles are relaxed and at rest. The most up to date scientific technology is used to achieve these results.

Relax - no more tension

When your jaw finds its most natural and comfortable position, your TMJ symptoms will begin to disappear. The pain and discomfort associated with your jaw misalignment will disappear as well.

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