Taking away your pain

Taking away your pain. best TMJ treatment Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks & Los Angeles clinic

Simple solutions, but enormous TMJ relief

Is TMJ Curable Without Surgery? The answer is YES. An Orthotic will physically change the position of your lower jaw where the upper and lower jaws mesh. A neuromuscular balanced acrylic Orthotic will help the teeth to come together in a healthy bite position that brings fast TMJ relief to the muscles of your face and neck. Your teeth finally find their intended ‘resting place’. The TMJ relief you experience can improve the quality of your life significantly. And the relief is just the beginning.

Good news for TMD sufferers...

Get rid of TMJ Pain Los Angeles clinic

First of all, Dr. Eddie Siman brings back balance to your system. By restoring back this balance, we help to take away the stress, strain, pain and pressure building in your jaw, face, neck, shoulders, back and the rest of your body. After consultation and diagnosis, your treatment can start immediately.

Is TMJ Curable Without Surgery

We strive to balance your bite, so your TMJ pain symptoms should decrease  and may often disappear. There is no surgery involved in helping you with your pain and problems. We are balancing muscle activity, joint position, tooth contact and posture using a special and small piece of plastic called an Orthotic. It is important to note that an Orthodic is NOT the same thing as a Nightguard or a Splint.

Through examination by a dentist that treats TMD, NOT using a mouthguard, you can expect a correct diagnosis but more importantly, a correct, individualized treatment plan. To gain insight into your specific issues, modern science is used to determine exactly what  the problem is. An analysis will show just how much damage has been caused.

The muscles of your jaw and neck are measured while your jaws are functioning. This allows for the dentist to determine where optimal balanced bite position is.

The healthy function of your teeth depends on the proper balance and function of your jaw joints, jaw muscles and teeth. When these three elements are balanced, teeth mesh together properly, allowing  muscles and jaw joints to rest without strain or tension. Without this balance, the results can be:

  • Temporo mandibular joint pain (TMJ)
  • Neck aches/pain
  • Ear problems
  • Tooth wear and/or  clenching
  • Postural issues

Want to get rid of the pain? Let's start now

Dr. Eddie Siman will work with you to ensure the end result is the ideal position, balance and comfort in your mouth, your jaw and your face. We understand  the joints, muscles, and nerves in the face and neck have a complex, intricate relationship. We work to correct the bite, relieving strain on the jaw and the surrounding muscles. Once the bite has been aligned, the TMJ pain in many areas of the body should be eliminated. The results can be a lifetime of TMJ relief that can lead to permanent elimination of  painful and irritating symptoms.