TMJ Symptoms

About 70% of America has some level of TMJ. Many symptoms of TMJ like migraines, shoulder pain, jaw sourness, shoulder pain, and facial pain actually have one thing in common, misalignment of the jaw.

Symptom of TMJ can be minor untill the problem gets bigger

It may take decades before you are aware of a TMJ disorder. Many other of the signs and symptoms of TMJ problems are painless. You may be unaware of the damage that is happening to your jaw joints, your teeth, and your spine. Over time, your ability to cope with this damage and constant stress and strain will be diminished. By then, treatment outcomes may be compromised.

Careful Observations of the signs and symptoms of your TMJ Disorder
Special CT scans with in-house digital, low radiation iCAT Scan Technology.
private consultation with Dr. Siman
Custom tailor a treatment to relieve your symptoms. The first step is determining the most optimal jaw position. Dr. Siman uses the most up to date scientific technology to achieve the optimal jaw position where the muscles are relaxed and at rest
When your jaw finds its most natural and comfortable position, your TMJ symptoms will begin to disappear. The pain and discomfort associated with your jaw misalignment will disappear as well. This is achieved without a surgery, botox shots or any other invasive or temporary methods.

Learn about each symptom you may have and also refer to our TMJ self-test.