Postural Problems


Like your mother said: "Straighten Up!"

Turns out, your poor posture may not be your fault. Our contemporary lifestyle contributes to poor posture. We spend  our days sitting or performing tasks that require bending forward or lifting. We spend more time watching T.V. many of us have jobs and and/or hobbies that including sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, for long hours.

We are much more sedentary than earlier generations. Think about your lifestyle – how you spend each day, the activities you engage in and the postures you assume while doing them.


TMJ wreaks havoc with your posture

In addition to a natural predisposition to poor posture, TMJ may seriously affect your postural appearance – not just the head and neck but  the postural appearance your entire body.

The bones in the neck, especially the atlas and axis, are intimately involved with the muscles that control biting, talking, chewing, breathing and head posture. When they are sore, tight, and contracted, jaw muscles will tilt the head and shoulders causing compensation in the neck, shoulder and back muscles.


If you have an unbalanced bite, then the length of your muscles  and muscle activity will also become unbalanced. When those muscles become over-contracted, it impacts and ‘pulls’ the muscles that hold up your head creating a forward-leaning posture,  as though you are slouching.

This slouching action creates a ripple effect down your body, pulling and stressing your face, neck, shoulder and back muscles. It can mean having one shoulder or hip becomes higher than the other,  facial features that are uneven and can give a buck-toothed appearance.

When your entire body is not lined up properly, it can  result in a decrease of your overall physical and athletic performance. You may  find yourself increasingly sluggish and tired throughout your day. Your sense of balance, control and strength will be impacted, meaning  and you  have to exert more effort to do simple things.

posture test

If you think you may have postural problems and/or TMJ, don’t let it wait until the problems become more serious and you are in significant discomfort. Book a consultation with Dr. Eddie Siman, the TMJ expert to determine what the problems and/or causes might be.

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