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Propper TMJ orthodic device will help you relieve your symptoms

Therapeutic tmj orthotics devices are fabricated for the individual patient and custom designed by Dr. Eddie Siman according to your unique anatomy for your optimum comfort.  (We fit to the lower teeth whenever possible, because orthotics attached to lower teeth are more comfortable than those attached to upper teeth.) The biting surface of the orthotic simulates a set of properly positioned teeth. The orthotic bite relaxes your jaw muscles, aligning the jaw joints to bring balance to the jaw muscles and joints when they are closed, in a resting position. That balance extends to the muscular-skeletal systems of the shoulders, neck, head and back - to help provide alignment, stability and comfort to those systems as well. It is important to note, that these TMJ orthotic appliances are NOT night guards and are fabricated using complex neuromuscular techniques and modern instruments. 

How a therapeutic orthotic is designed and how much time it is worn, depends on individual circumstances. Flat-plane versus anatomic; wearing it part-time or most-of-the-time, versus wearing it full-time including while eating. These are all options to be considered. A custom plan is made for each patient after a thorough evaluation and diagnosis by Dr. Siman.

Start with a proper diagnosis

TMJ pain relieved with proper TMJ orthodics

A diagnosis is essential to providing proper treatment, whether it is a non-pain patient wanting to save teeth from being destroyed by a stressful bite, or a pain patient who’s goal is relief in addition to saving their deteriorating teeth. It is necessary to differentiate among muscle disorders, TMJ disk disorders, chronic hypo mobilities, inflammatory disorders, traumatic injuries, growth disorders and abnormal jaw closure patterns as part of each case. Dr. Eddie Siman does a clinical examination using neuromuscular technology, with the addition of in-house CT-Scan imaging. Through this diagnosis we can provide the best treatment options for each patient.

TMJ Orthodic Devices For Non-Pain Patient: Teeth Grinders/Bruxism

These TMJ orthodic devices provide protection from excessive wear and tear on teeth, dental restorations and periodontal tissues caused by clenching, grinding and/or gnashing of teeth. This orthotic is for part time use only and are made to a rested jaw muscle position that minimizes or eliminates clenching and grinding. We use a physio-therapeutic Ultra-Low Frequency TENS to relax tense jaw muscles and determine the relaxed bite position for the patient, which gives the best jaw support and protection from bite stresses while TMJ orthotic is being worn. Please note, that traditional nightguards are not made using these techniques therefore are not as effective. 

TMJ Orthodic Devices For Pain Patient: Initial Therapeutic Orthotic Treatment

The pain patients have special needs. To decrease the suffering caused by a pathological biting position, Ultra Low Frequency TENS is used to relax tense jaw muscles and determine the relaxed bite position that has the best potential to optimize head, neck and jaw posture, give the best support for jaw muscles and joints, reducing bite stresses on the teeth. It takes a very experienced TMJ expert to determine your relaxed bite position. This is where you will ultimately get relief.

Dr. Eddie Siman has years of expertise and has successfully determined thousands of bite positions. Wearing this type of orthotic as prescribed usually drastically reduces or completely eliminates pain and other related symptoms shortly after the patient starts wearing it.

Do Oral Orthotic Devices fix teeth?

Oral orthotic devices do not fix teeth. On its own, it does not permanently correct the pathological bite arrangement of the teeth that caused the initial disorder. Therapeutic Orthotics help bring balance to the jaw and neck muscles, but only during wear of the orthotic.

Think of it this way: if you have poor eyesight and you need glasses to correct your eyesight, you wear your glasses for them to work. Your glasses will not heal your eyes. If you have flat feet and you need foot orthotics for a proper stance, the foot orthotics will only work while in your shoes. Your foot orthotics will not heal your flat feet.

To permanently fix the bite of your teeth, another phase of treatment is required. Eventually, oral orthotic is no longer required for proper alignment,

Reconstructive Orthotic Treatment

Porcelain Veneers permenantly fixed TMJ symptoms and rejuvinated the smile.

For many, the thought of wearing a Therapeutic Orthotic for a lifetime is undesirable. Though comfortable to wear, Therapeutic Orthotics require maintenance and need replacement if they wear out, become broken or lost, or don't fit the teeth anymore (i.e. if major dental work has been performed). Many patients want a more permanent solution. That solution requires a greater deal of care when determining and perfecting the bite position.

Reconstructive Orthotics are the first stage toward long-term phase-two treatment solutions consisting of Orthodontic Braces, Reconstructive Porcelain Restorations (Smile Rejuvenation), or a combination of orthodontics and reconstructive porcelain restorations. Although Dr. Siman has a non surgical approach to his treatments, surgery might be a possible option in some individual cases.

Bonded Tooth-Colored Reconstructive Orthotic Treatment

These are comfortable  as they are bonded or glued on the tooth surfaces of the lower and/or upper teeth, making it easy to eat and talk with these orthotics. Special home care devices are provided to help keep the teeth and gum tissue healthy while wearing our Bonded Reconstructive Orthotic. The patient needs to maintain proper Oral Hygiene so gum tissue remains healthy while wearing Bonded Tooth-Colored Reconstructive Orthotics.


Fixed Orthotic

Phase II Treatments

Dental Rehabilitation.

Dental Reconstruction is the restoration of teeth for patients that are candidates for this option and chose this option as opposed to orthodontics. We use attractive and modern porcelain materials to not only give a natural, attractive looking set of teeth but to correct the bite problems that led to the initial TMJ Disorder.

Bonus: Smile Rejuvenation. When Dr. Siman performers a dental rehabilitation to correct the TMJ and relieve your symptoms, you will also receive a smile makeover as a bonus.

Orthodontic Care - Braces

Some TMJ Disorder patients choose Orthodontic Care or Braces as their phase-two treatment.

Please note, that orthodontics is only done after Dr. Siman has found and tested your comfortable bite position and only after your painful symptoms have been relived.

It is NOT proper treatment to immediately start Orthodic treatment on a TMD patient that is experiencing painful symptoms. It is crucial for the patient to have his or her symptoms improved before the start of any orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Siman works with qualified Orthodontists that understand his treatment philosophy and have the experience to properly maintain and duplicate the proper Jaw position permanently.