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“I have tried so many things for my chronic migraines, but they did not work. When I did treatment with Dr. Siman, he finally got rid of my migraines without surgery or pills”
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Chronic headaches and migraines, and , ? You're probably not aware TMJ could be a significant cause. When your temporomandibular joint is out of  alignment, the muscles surrounding your face, head and neck are . Everything you do causes additional stress on those muscles and the TMJ joint. Even when you are relaxing, the muscles are not ‘resting’ in their natural position and excess stress is caused (due to the misaligned joint). All this additional strain on the muscles in your head, face, and neck can lead to headaches, TMJ migraines and irritation and soreness in all those connected muscles.

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One of the most common complaints from TMJ sufferers are headaches.Migraine Beverly Hills

When your muscles are relentlessly strained,, squeezed and working overtime, it can result in tension headaches. TMJ headaches can also be caused by blood pressure build-up. When the muscles in your face, head, and neck are strained, they prevent blood from flowing properlu. When this happens, your body attempts to correct the problem by sending more blood to the area, which increases blood pressure. This feeling of pressure around the head (called a vascular headache) can be exceptionally painful.

TMJ headaches can be so painful, severe and frequent that they are often misdiagnosed as migraines. Migraine headaches are mainly on one side of your head and are usually accompanied with visual disturbances and extreme sensitivity to light. Migraine headache treatment is different from TMJ headache treatment,  because of dislocated joints, so it’s imperative a trained medical professional make the diagnosis.

Find out if your Migraine and Tension headaches are related to TMJ!