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See what people say about Dr. Eddie Siman and our TMJ Clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Siman successfully treated numerous patients. He is most sought after TMJ Experts and has been featured on Radio & TV. Get properly diagnosed! Call today for your TMJ CT scan and your FREE TMJ book: (310) 746-5729

Let me just preface this review that I'm very particular about who takes care of my health and every aspect concerning my well-being is of high importance to me. I only want the best and I only stick to the best; if it becomes anything less than my standard, I have no issue finding another business to support.

Previously, I had a dentist who followed outdated practices and technology so I immediately set out to find a new dentist. My family recommended Dr. Siman to me but I always looks at Yelp reviews and other reviews before I try anything to save time.

Dr. Siman's Service: So far, I have been going here regularly for check ups, cleanings, my wisdom teeth removal, and getting issues fixed for almost a year now. He noticed the outdated fillings without me making note of it and set out appointments to get them fixed with better materials. I also appreciate that he does his best to be gentle and has methods to ease the pain. He always answers my questions and comforts me when I have concerns. My pain tolerance isn't high so when my wisdom tooth started to grow sideways into my cheeks, his staff immediately set out to get it removed at the earliest opportunity which saved me a whole lot of pain.

Customer service: The staff are incredibly accommodating, understanding, and friendly. They make me feel at home and like family while answering every concern I have. Very easy to talk to and the office manager is very funny!

Atmosphere: I love the theme and style of the office! Very serene, calming, and has a modern beach vibe to it which is a great reminder that we live in beautiful SoCal. Waiting room is spacious, always clean and the back massage chair is a great addition that I always look forward to for as long as I can even though there is never a long wait before being seated and seen by Dr. Siman. Bathroom is great too - I like the complimentary mouthwash, lotion, and fancy fragrance. The dentist chair itself is REALLY padded and soft, it must be temperpedic/memory foam or something? I could fall asleep in it haha. TV's in every room to keep yourself occupied while you're getting worked on too.

Overall, I highly recommend this place and really enjoy the great location before/after every visit! Lots of great businesses (Medici's Pizza across the street, Buffalo Exchange for shopping, and Local Ice for easy ice cream when I'm numb/soft diet from dentist work) around that my BF and I look forward to visiting after a drive from Pomona where I go to university.

Since I was fourteen years old, I have lived with significant pain due to a dislocated and painful jaw, which was diagnosed as TMJ. Due to this medical condition, I began suffering with excruciating neck and shoulder spasms on a regular basis. In addition, I started living with daily headaches, jaw pain and a severe burning sensation in the majority of my upper body. I once laid in bed for 30 minutes with my alarm blaring, as I was literally unable to move due to a spasm in my neck.

I had been to countless doctors searching for alleviation, including a jaw/pain specialist, chiropractor, multiple physical therapists, dentists, rheumatologists and my primary care physician. No matter how many doctors I had seen, appliances I had worn, bottles of anti-inflammatories and muscle-relaxers I had consumed, years I had been in physical therapy and under chiropractic care, stretching and jaw exercises I had completed, nor tears this condition had caused me throughout my life…there was no relief. The amount of loss I had experienced due to this medical condition was unimaginable.

The only people that truly knew and understood my struggle were my parents. Finally, in 2016, I said to my mother, "I can't live this way." And I meant it. I was in so much pain at that time that I couldn't function.

It was then, that my mother found Dr. Siman.

After all these years of suffering and excruciating pain, the ONLY thing that has diminished my pain and given me a chance at living the rest of my life with quality...is my current treatment plan with Dr. Siman. In June of 2016, I saw Dr. Siman for the first time and began wearing the appliance he created for me. After about two-three weeks, I noticed that my Ibuprofen intake had decreased significantly. I had been keeping a diary of headaches and physical symptoms, and therefore noticed that my frequency of headaches had decreased drastically.

I continued seeing Dr. Siman approximately once per month for regular bite assessments and adjustments. After about four-five months, I was feeling tremendously better. My bite was even and stable, and my head felt lighter and was not in pain!

I scheduled my first dental procedure to put in my temporary teeth in June of 2017. Dr. Siman and his amazing office crew walked me through this process. I then received my permanent teeth in July of 2017. Dr. Siman’s outstanding team including Alex, Sylvia, Gemma and Quinn were all there to support me and make sure that my needs were met.

I have now had my permanent teeth for three weeks, and I am ecstatic! I am truly a different person. My life has changed in so many ways for the better. I can now focus more at work. I am able to spend beautiful time with my family and friends. I now have genuine quality of life. Dr. Siman and his incredible crew gave me my life back. I am so grateful to his artistry, dedication and skill.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or would like to receive some additional support. It would be my pleasure to help others in any way possible and to “pay it forward”, as I received so much physical and emotional support throughout this process.

I have struggled with severe TMJ issues for 16 years.

It started with clicking and popping and eventually my jaw wouldn't open more than about an inch. I had my first surgery at age 18, and two more surgeries after that, which both required me to be on a liquid diet for 6 weeks post-op. My symptoms subsided but at 32 they suddenly returned, clicking and popping quickly progressed to again not being able to open my mouth more than an inch. I also had ear aches and migraines and have never IN MY LIFE had a refreshing nights sleep. This was all such a drain on my quality of life, causing depression and stress and perpetuating the problem.

Upon meeting Dr. Siman I was extremely skeptical. I have met countless dentists, orthodontists (had braces twice), oral surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and I have been a very compliant and consistent patient with several methods of treatment recommended by other specialists but experienced ZERO improvement, and probably about $100,000 and 10,000 hours of my time have gone down the drain. Honestly, I expected Dr. Siman's treatment to be yet another failure.

He made a appliance for me to wear (this is vastly different than any other appliance I have been given, and I've been given a ton. It is meticulously adjusted to a beautiful-mind-John-Nash-obsessive-borderline-psychotic degree. A true specialist is hyper-alert to details that escape everyone else in his field and a true specialist can respond with equally detailed innovations and solutions)

I diligently wore the appliance. At first my symptoms worsened. You have to understand, my body was FREAKING OUT, correcting an issue I have lived with probably my whole life without knowing it. Eventually my body learned a whole new way of "being" or "existing."

It has been almost two months since my first appointment. I am almost 100% pain free, I can open my mouth the normal amount (a miracle), I sleep better, have better posture, and most importantly I'm about a thousand times happier. There is no longer a constant reminder of my suffering and limitations every time I chew, talk, or sing (I'm a singer). You have to live a prisoner of your own pain and disability to fully understand the precious and priceless gift of freedom and peace that I have just been given.

Once I was a cynic, and Dr. Siman has made me a believer.

I have suffered with TMJ/TMD for about 7 years. Jaw clicks, headaches, neck aches, even vertigo and anxiety were all part of my daily life. Having conducted my own research, I concluded the problem was TMJ/TMD. I had brought this up to several dentists whom all shrugged at the idea as I knew more than them at this point. One day I heard about Dr. Eddie Siman on the radio, specializing in TMJ/TMD treatment. I called the number and scheduled my consultation. Dr. Simans' staff is very warm, friendly, and professional. During my meeting with Dr. Siman, he explained how TMJ/TMD can upset the whole balance of the body both mental and physical. Everything he spoke of was exactly what I was dealing with. The CT scan results showed my jaw was horribly out of alignment of which I thought was my natural bite. Dr. Siman used a tens unit to relax my jaw and took an impression of a relaxed bite. He created an appliance custom to my bite similar to a retainer but much stronger. After the first week, the clicking in my jaw while eating was gone. The device is not made to correct your teeth, but more to provide an adjustable landing for your natural/relaxed bite. I am finding now that while orthodontics as a teen straightened my teeth, the braces did so at the expense of my jaw and ultimate wellbeing. I am now facing more orthodontics to correct my bite to conform to my natural jaw alignment.

A note to parents: Let your children grow into their skulls, if their teeth need straightening, let them make that decision as adults.

If you were forced into braces by your parents and now suffer from TMJ/TMD, I highly recommend Dr. Eddie Siman. He has really changed my life and I am eternally greatful.

Thank you Dr. Siman!

I'm a regular patient at Millenium Dental for TMJ-related treatment. I feel like I need to set the record straight: negative reviews are overwhelmingly the product of the fallout from a Groupon inundation. This small business is not alone in that regard; it's something of a phenomenon if you google "The Groupon effect on Small Businesses." In this case, people intent on a mass-mailed whitening treatment found this practice struggling to respond to literally hundreds of calls a day and this doubtless translated into unavoidable delays when they arrived. Also, any medical professional worth his/her salt is obliged to tell their patients when they notice a cavity or a bad tooth or the beginnings of gum disease even if the sole reason they're in the dentist's chair is to receive a promotional whitening. Unfortunately, this ethical requirement can be viewed as "upselling" by some.

What I can do is provide an observation by a returning, regular patient of over two years, and hope that my review can help the reader decide whether or not they can benefit from a visit to the people at Millenium Dental. Hopefully my testimony can work to provide a more complete picture than a snapshot taken in a moment of frustration.

The office people at the front desk at the Sherman Oaks location are incredibly warm and welcoming, but also efficient, finding just the right touch. Dr. Siman and the other doctors never talk down to me or launch into medical jargon; they keep their diagnoses simple and include you as a partner in the process of determining what courses of treatment they recommend, any alternatives that may exist, and the long term plan for wellness and maintenance. This seems to me to be precisely the opposite picture painted by people who felt the focus of their visit was unnecessary treatments. The practice itself is clean and modern, with the attractive decor, tasteful music and friendly staff creating what I find is a soothing ambience. As to the efficacy of the treatment itself, Dr. Siman's expertise in TMJ treatment is unmatched. My jaw functions in a healthy way, and my quality of life is improved thanks to his skill in practicing Neuromuscular Dentistry. I cannot recommend Millennium Dental highly enough, as I'm a patient with a great many horror stories of bad experiences from dental offices all over the USA and even Australia. Millennium Dental is a gem and has earned my respect and my enthusiastic thumbs up.