Your Genes

Thanks Mom and Dad - I owe you one ...

image-genetics-tmdYou were born with big, beautiful brown eyes that obviously came from your father’s side of the family. Courtesy of your Mom, you have wavy, rich brown hair that has sparked compliments from complete strangers. Your crooked teeth and unaligned jaw – – who can you thank for that?

While no one is likely stepping up to take credit, the fact is your jaw structure, teeth positioning, entire facial composition or possibly a sensitivity to your environment leading to allergies and congestion, are inherited. Was it mom’s family or dad’s family or a combination of both – the reality is, you were born with it and these could be the cause of your TMJ.

 Jaws aren't 'meshing'

In many cases, people that suffer from TMJ will have teeth that don’t meet when they bite down. How your teeth “mesh” together is the single most important factor when talking about your jaw muscles’ activity.

If you have a small jaw or if your teeth are large and don’t fit your mouth, the result is a bad bite, a misaligned jaw and, ultimately TMJ. When your upper and lower teeth don’t close and come together the way they should, it’s the starting point for numerous other problems.

A proper, balanced bite will ensure your jaw stays healthy and in its proper position. An imbalanced bitestresses and strains the jaw, creating issues for the joints, muscles, nerves and all related functions.

Don’t live in this kind of pain or discomfort. Have it diagnosed by a professional who is qualified to determine the cause and provide treatment.