TMJ Symptoms: Ear Congestion

TMJ Symptoms: Ear Congestion.

What Causes Ear Congestion

Los Angeles TMJ Specialist Dr. Eddie Siman explains what causes ear congestion
What causes ear congestion may surprise you.

Ear congestion can be caused by problems in your middle ear or the ear canal that affects the eardrum. Well, known causes of ear congestion are common colds, allergies, and sinus infections. However, it can also be traced to TMJ (Temporomandibular joint syndrome disorder).  TMJ is often misdiagnosed and treated improperly.

5 Common TMJ Ear Congestion Symptoms

1. Feeling of fullness in the ear.
2. Ear pressure.
3. Clogged ears.
4. Muffled hearing.
5. .

TMJ Ear Congestion Treatment

Los Angeles TMJ Specialist Dr. Eddie Siman explains treatment of tmj ear congestion
TMJ ear congestion treatment requires a propper diagnosis.

In our Los Angeles private TMJ practice, patients have reported relief from ear congestion, ear pain, tinnitus / ringing in the ears and head congestion. First, the patient needs a proper diagnosis by a TMJ expert often referred to a neuromuscular dentist.  Dr. Eddie Siman provides ear congestion treatment to many of our patients.

TMJ ear congestion, ringing in ears, and ear pain can be treated

Dr. Eddie Siman conducts a private consultation with each patient. He explains what causes TMJ symptoms such as ear congestion. If you have tried everything else, have been to multiple specialists and still in pain, think outside the box and call our office today for your private consultation.