Dennis Prager & Larry Elder With Dr. Eddie Siman

You've heard Dennis Prager and Larry Elder's endorsements of Dr. Eddie Siman, below are some interviews you may have missed.

Larry Elder is a radio show host, writer, and attorney. Dennis Prager is a radio host, political commentator, creator of Prager University, author, and television personality. They both have a great bond of trust with their listeners. In the following interviews with TMJ expert Dr. Eddie Siman, Larry and Dennis are helping to gain an insight on TMJ issues and answer the following questions:

Why are you constantly living with headaches and migraines? Why has ringing in your ears not been treated for all these years? Do you have to take costly pain medication to get relief? What is TMJ and how common is it? How to diagnose TMJ properly? How to get rid of TMJ permanently?

Dennis Prager and Eddie Siman on TMJ, migrains, headaches, and TMJ relief

Interview with Larry Elder's

Interview with Dennis Prager's

TMJ expert Dr. Eddie Siman is a trained neuromuscular doctor and has an expended knowledge in many different areas of dentistry. He studied the entire temporomandibular system which helped him realize that there is a big correlation between headaches and misalignment of the jaw.

Dr. Eddie Siman is well versed in all aspects of dentistry and is the leading TMJ expert. He is able to realign the jaw through a holistic approach. Thus, eliminating surgery, painful shots, and medication all together. He is able to transform smiles and reconstruct your entire mouth without you feeling any pain by offering sedation options for your comfort.

A healthy smile is not just about the esthetics, it is also about functionality. Dr. Eddie Siman is able to execute both in such an artistic manner. You get the best of every world. This unique and holistic approach allows Dr. Eddie Siman to provide exceptional care and give you relief of your TMJ symptoms. He combines dentistry, neuromuscular science, and comfort all in one place.

About 70% of America has some level of TMJ. Many symptoms like migraines, shoulder pain, jaw sorness, shoulder pain, and facial pain actually have one thing in common, misalignment of the jaw. Usually doctors and health practitioners are not thinking outside of the box and are not looking into the facial muscles. Therefore, patients spend countless hours and even years going misdiagnosed. They see neurologists, chiropractors, ENTs, acupunctures, and the list goes on. They take expensive MRIs and scans just to find out that there is nothing wrong with them. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Eddie Siman has mastered the ability to cure and permanently relieve TMJ symptoms.

In addition to exceptional treatment, Dr. Eddie Siman is now offering Dennis Prager and Larry Elder's listeners a complimentary CT scan ($800 value) to help give you a solution. This technology will allow Dr. Siman to get to the root o the problem and a proper diagnose and get fast relief.

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