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The neck bone's connected to the jaw bone

Chiropractic Care for TMJ | TMJ neck and shoulder pain

Your skull sits on your first vertebrae, which is known as the Atlas. According to Greek mythology, Atlas is the strong Titan who held up the earth. Just like this mythical figure, the Atlas supports your head and connects it to your body. The Atlas is uniquely different from the other vertebrae in your body.  It has the shape of a butterfly, with wings that spread out wide.  This lets your head move in different directions. Although the Atlas has great mobility, it does not have good stability. What holds it in place is your neck and head muscles, and the position of your lower jaw.  You lower jaw position is determined by how your teeth mesh together.

It's complicated dear, but you've changed

The close yet complicated relationship of the jaw and the spine only confirms the fact that changes in your jaw or bite can affect how your skull rests on top of your neck vertebrae. These changes may be a result of dental treatments, orthodontic treatments, or tooth loss. They can cause your Atlas to twist out of place.It may cause little or no pain to some people, but to others, this may lead to discomfort and pain in the head, neck, and back.

Catch the changes before they hurt you

Head to our test yourself section and take the posture test.  This is where you can see the early indications of a problem with your Atlas and Skull orientation. If you fail the test, your Atlas may be out of place and you'll need the help of a dentist trained in neuromuscular dentistry, like Dr. Eddie Siman AND  the expertise of a skilled Chiropractor to resolve the problem. Scientific research has shown that the way your skull rests above your spine is related to the way your teeth mesh together when you bite. However, this information isn't commonly known among medical communities that don't commonly treat TMJ disorders. The Chiropractor knows how to work with you to correct the position of your Atlas.  Dr. Siman will help you keep it in the right place by treating your misaligned bite. Working together, these two professionals can help relieve the pain and damage a misaligned spine can cause.

Find the best care

Dr. Siman has extensive experience in treating patients who are suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD. He recommends an Atlas Orthagonist chiropractor from the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association or NUCCA. The safe and painless spinal correction given by Atlas Orthogonal system brings back balance to your body and boosts its natural healing capacity. They'll align your skull and spine using a simple adjustment that won't cause any pain or use harmful twisting movements. This alignment, combined with a neuromuscularly balanced orthotic from Dr. Siman, can restore the balance in your body and alleviate the symptoms that are associated with your TMJ disorder.

With this gentle, pain-free treatment you can get the relief from your painful TMJ and improve the quality of your life.