Dr. Siman has been providing successful, holistic, non-surgical TMJ treatments for patients in Los Angeles and internationally for over 30 years. He treats migraines and headaches and has helped thousands of patients to have permentant relief.

"Most of my clients say, you are the first person that finally understands my symptoms and doesn’t just tell me there is no solution and I just have to live with the pain."

6 Crucial Questions To ask Before You Choose Your TMJ Doctor

1. What specific credentials do you have in the field of TMJ?
2. How many TMJ patients do you treat on a daily/monthly basis? And have successfully treated in the course of your career?
3. What is your success rate in relieving TMJ symptoms?
4. What type of modern equipment do you use to diagnose and treat TMJ? (TENS, Electromyography, CT Scans, Jaw Tracking, etc...)
5. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to treating TMJ patients?
6. How many hours of continuing education do you have every year in the field of TMJ?

Treatment of TMJ - Los Angeles

Dr. Eddie Siman – Most knowledgeable Expert of TMJ Los Angeles has to offer. He has to offices for TMJ treatment is Beverly Hills and TMJ treatment in Sherman Oaks.

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Symptoms Of TMJ Disorder. TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

TMJ headaches / migraines: What do migraine, chronic headaches, and tension headaches all have in common with TMJ? Find out how to get rid of headache symptoms in a natural and holistic way. Here, in our Los Angeles Offices we have the solution Read More...
TMJ ear pain / tinnitus: Tinnitus, better known as ringing in the ears could be a symptom of TMJ. Here, in our Los Angeles office, many patients found tinnitus relief. We have a holistic solution to the ringing in the ears, also known as tmj tinnitus, and to ear pain. If ear problems and tinnitus persist, it can lead to other symptoms such as earaches, dizziness, vertigo,  or whistling in the ears, find out how to get tinnitus treatment Read More...
TMJ clicking / grinding:Are you experiencing clicking or popping of your jaw, grinding your teeth, and your jaw suddenly locking? You may have TMJ. As a result, you may get front teeth wearing down and many other problems in the future such as unbalanced teeth. Nightguards do not help TMJ! Have you ever thought about what this is doing to your teeth? Read More...
TMJ neck /shoulder / back pain: TMJ doesn’t only misalign the jaw, it cascades into other symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are strained neck, strained shoulders, and often feeling back pain. The most common cause of Shoulder pain and neck pain is injury to the soft tissues, including the muscles. Jaw, neck, shoulder and back muscles are all connected. If your jaw muscles are out of line, then over time they will compromise the connected muscles and throw them out of alignment. Are your muscles working as a team? Do you have chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain? Looking for a holistic approach?  Read More...
TMJ jaw pain / TMJ locked jaw: Ever ask yourself “ why my jaw hurts to open?” Are you tired of living with Jaw Pain or suddenly having you jaw lock? Has it stayed that way for a few minutes or even days at a time?  Do you live in the Los Angeles Area and would like to get jaw pain relief or reduce your jaw from locking in a holistic way? Read More...

See What Our Patients Had To Say After They Were Relieved From Pain

Hot swelling pain, soreness, and headaches finally relieved
Los Angeles TMJ expert Dr. Siman Chronic headaches are gone
Headaches, Neck Pain, and Ear Pain are finally gone!
Suffered from Headaches and Migraines for 10 years without relief