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Dr. Siman has been providing successful, holistic, non-surgical TMJ treatments for patients in Los Angeles and internationally for over 30 years.

“Most of my clients say, you are the first person that finally understands my symptoms and doesn’t just tell me there is no solution and I just have to live with the pain.”

6 Crucial Questions To ask Before You Choose Your TMJ Doctor

  1. What specific credentials do you have in the field of TMJ?
  2. How many TMJ patients do you treat on a daily/monthly basis? And have successfully treated in the course of your career?
  3. What is your success rate in relieving TMJ symptoms?
  4. What type of modern equipment do you use to diagnose and treat TMJ? (TENS, Electromyography, CT Scans, Jaw Tracking, etc...)
  5. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to treating TMJ patients?
  6. How many hours of continuing education do you have every year in the field of TMJ?

Headaches / Migraines: When your temporomandibular joint is out of alignment, the muscles surrounding your face, head, and neck are constantly strained. Everything you do causes Read More...
Ear pain / Tinnitus: Why do your ears seem to be giving you so much trouble, yet your doctor can’t find the source of the problem? You explain your symptoms Read More...
Clicking / Grinding: When your jaw is not in the proper position, it can often cause the TMJ disk to be displaced and the joint spaces to be closed. As a result you may experience clicking or popping upon opening or closing your mouth. The clicking may happen during Read More...
Shoulder / Neck Pain: Your muscles work as a team – a single muscle seldom works without other muscles in the team joining in. The bones in the neck, especially the atlas and axis, are intimately involved with the muscles for chewing, biting, talking, breathing, and head posture Read More...
Jaw pain / Locked Jaw: As with anything you use daily, over time there will be significant wear and tear. The same principle applies to your teeth. Think about it.. You use them all day Read More...

See What Our Patients Had To Say After They Were Relieved From Pain

“I have tried so many things for my chronic migraines, but they did not work. When I did treatment with Dr. Siman, he finally got rid of my migraines without surgery or pills”
“I’ve been on medication for 8 years, and I was getting 3 to 4 Migraines a week. I finally met Dr. Siman, and after just a short time, I have no more migraines. I am back at work and living my life again.”
“I was suffering everyday with chronic headaches, and I could not do my work, I would get annoyed at my children and husband. Now that I am pain free, thanks to Dr. Siman, I feel less stressed, I have more energy, and I am a happier mom & wife.”
“I wake up without headaches, my liver is probably happier because I am not sucking up all those drugs. I can travel to visit my kids now without worrying.”