Jaw Position Test

Disclaimer: These preliminary ‘Self Tests’ may help you understand that though pain can be a significant indicator, it is not the only signal for TMJ dysfunction. A final diagnosis will be required by a professional like Dr. Eddie Siman. If you feel severe pain or you know you cannot do some of these exercises please do not attempt them.

Do you have a short upper jaw?

Look at your face. That cute up-turned nose may be the result of an under-developed upper jaw. You should not be able the nostrils of most adults when  you look at them face on. But an under-developed upper jaw can mean the nose has not grown to its ideal position. This does not mean you are unattractive. Quite the contrary. It is often a marker for youth. But it may mean your bite is not balanced because of the position of the upper teeth.

Is your lower jaw shorter than it should be?

If you were to look at a profile photo of your teeth, your lips and chin should form a line of 5 degrees or less off of vertical from your nose. If this angle is greater than 5 degrees, then your lower jaw is too short. This has many consequences including muscle tension, head posture and possibly may affect your breathing or airways. A Chinese proverb says that a man with a short jaw will die early. This is a profound way of saying that there are many signs on your body which indicate a bad bite, which can mean more than a weak chin or a deep overbite. Your longevity can be effected due to Sleep Apnea.