Golden Proportion Test

Disclaimer: These preliminary ‘Self Tests’ may help you understand that though pain can be a significant indicator, it is not the only signal for TMJ dysfunction. A final diagnosis will be required by a professional like Dr. Eddie Siman. If you feel severe pain or you know you cannot do some of these exercises please do not attempt them.

This is a measurement developed in Edmonton by Dr. Hank Shimbashi. Working on a University project to determine proper facial heights and correct position for the upper and lower teeth while the patient is biting on their back teeth, he found a direct relationship between the distance of gum tissue from the upper teeth to the lower teeth. This relationship is called the “Golden Proportion” for a healthy bite.

Normal healthy bites have a distance from 17 to 21 mm, which is estimated by determining the width of an upper front tooth (or Central Incisor). The wider the Central Incisor, the higher the Shimbashi number will be.

This Shimbashi number offers a guide as to where a comfortable zone for the bite may be; although it is not the only factor, it does help to distinguish obvious over-closed bites.

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